Yoga Home Certification

Yoga Home Certification

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Schools across the country have made it easy to get a yoga home certification. Turn your hobby into a profession to help your students master the philosophy and fitness of yoga.

Yoga Home Certification Courses

Several different educational centers offer home certification courses that can help train you to become a yoga teacher. Some of these yoga training centers partner with Yoga Alliance, which is a nationally recognized support organization that works to uphold proper training standards for becoming a yoga teacher. Other classes have their own certification systems and requirements to become certified. The following four training centers offer programs at home.

Aura Wellness Center

The Aura Wellness Center is a family owned company with a Master Yoga Teacher directing courses and training camps. This center offers a “Camp-in-a-box” home study course. Potential teachers can learn the methodology and philosophy of yoga with the kit, which includes DVDs, CDs and training manuals. Upon completion of the course, students are required to take a test which is graded by a nationally recognized yoga professional.

Mamaste Yoga

The Mamaste Yoga Center offers licensing at home for pre and postnatal yoga. These certification courses include instruction on how to use modified yoga postures, breathing and anatomy instruction and details on the philosophy of yoga. The postnatal certification course also offers instruction on using yoga while interacting with a baby. The first program takes around nine months to complete, while the students enrolled in the second program have completed this course in four months. Before graduating, students must successfully pass an exam and create a video demonstrating their mastery in different yoga poses.

Yoga Education Institute

The Yoga Education Institute offers a yoga home certification program that is administered by a Yoga Alliance professional. The home study course includes topics in yoga history, philosophy, teaching ethics, meditation and relaxation technique. It also includes instruction on anatomy and physiology. Study this course at home and receive your certification by completing a final paper and a written exam.

American Fitness Professional and Associates

The AFPA, founded in 1994, offers a wide variety of instruction in physical fitness and health. They offer two levels of yoga certification, both of which you can complete at home. In addition to studying basic yoga principles, this home study course delves into the details of yoga for pregnant women, young children and seniors. They offer details on how to run a yoga class and focus on how to use yoga for strength training, flexibility and increased mental awareness. Students must study the materials provided, take quizzes, complete practice assignments and successfully complete a final exam to become certified.

How to Get Certified at Home

After you choose a course that will enhance your yoga education and provide you with certification, you should incorporate a plan to help you achieve your goals. As you progress through the lesson materials, use a few of the following techniques to get the most out of your study time.

  • Set aside a portion of your day to study the materials
  • Continue to practice yoga regularly at a yoga center
  • Review past lessons as you progress to prepare for the final exam
  • Get certified in CPR

While not all home study courses require certification in CPR, it is an essential tool to have as a fitness teacher to offer help to those in distress. Also, work with a local yoga professional to correct your yoga positions and give you advice about teaching classes. Talk to the mentors providing your home certification to help you answer questions about the study materials. Use all available resources help to you get the most from your training materials.

How to Use Your Home Certification

Once you have successfully completed the training portion of your course and have passed the certification test, now you can use it to teach yoga. Start small by teaching a course or two out of your home or at a neighboring yoga center. Inquire at your local YMCA if you can teach a yoga class for seniors or children. Consider advancing your training at home by working to become a master yoga teacher.

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